Blue Brook Architecture, Inc.
Staff Project History *






Description of Work

Chancery Place Apartments
Seattle, WA
2022 85 unit apartment tower rehabilitation
Disciples Terrace
Tacoma, WA
2021 40 unit apartment rehabilitation
Emma McRedmond Manor
Redmond, WA
2021 32 unit apartment rehabilitation
Elbert House
Bellevue, WA
2021 50 unit apartment rehabilitation
Tahoma Vista Village
Tacoma, WA
2017 101 unit apartment rehabilitation
Seattle, WA
2017 10 unit apartment rehabilitation
Atherton Woods Apartments
Vancouver, WA
2013 102 unit apartment rehabilitation
Ashwood Downs Apartments
Olympia, WA
2013 96 unit apartment rehabilitation
Evens Condominium
Burien, WA
2008 28 unit condominium
Gohring Duplex
Duval, WA
2007 Duplex in high density neighborhood

Safeco Safe House addition
Seattle, WA

2006 4 bed group home addition

Hifumi En Renovations
Spokane, WA

2005 41 unit apartment renovation

Washington Shores Condominiums
Kirkland, WA

2004 20 unit condominium envelope renovation

Parkridge Apartments
Bellevue, WA

2000 220 unit apartment envelope renovation
Logan's Lane
Roslyn, WA
1994 7 unit Craftsman single family development

Newport Springs Condominiums III
Issaquah, WA

1994 11-unit condominium
Hillyer Residence
Seattle, WA
1993 Duplex infill development

El Monterey Condominiums
Seattle, WA

1993 6-unit balcony restoration on historic building

Maplewood Park Apartments
Renton, WA

1992 224-unit apartment repairs

Newport Springs Condominiums
Issaquah, WA

1992 27 unit condo conversion repairs

Metropolitan Park Apartments
Seattle, WA

1991 82-unit apartments in downtown setting

Delridge Apartments
Seattle, WA

1991 27-unit interior corridor apartments

Loyal Inn Hotel
Seattle, WA

1991 Hotel facade renovation & energy improvements

Serramonte Highlands
San Mateo, CA

1984 187 unit townhomes






Description of Work

Lewis/Hamilton residence remodel
Lake Bosworth, WA
2011 Complete residence remodel
Kim residence addition
Seattle, WA
2010 Kitchen, dining room, and bathroom addition and remodel
John residence addition
Shoreline, WA
2010 Entry reconfiguration and new garage
Valdes residence remodel
Tacoma, WA
2009 Second floor addition and kitchen remodel
Barnard residence remodel
Shoreline, WA
2008 Living room, dining room and kitchen remodel
Harrison residence addition
Lynnwood, WA
2008 Three bedroom, two bath upper floor addition & energy efficiency improvements
Bresee residence addition
Kenmore, WA
2006 Master bedroom, pantry & kitchen addition
Liao residence addition
Olympia, WA
2006 Master suite & living room addition
Kwun residence addition
Tacoma, WA
2004 Master suite addition
Holsher/Lord/Finley cottage
Ocean Shores, WA
2004 Vacation home
Baker residence addition & remodel
Lake Forest Park, WA
2000 Major renovation & addition
White residence
Seattle, WA
1994 Hillside residence with steel framing
Kim residence addition & remodel
Tiburon, CA
1994 Major renovation & addition
Blubaugh residence
The Sea Ranch, CA
1993 Vacation home
Gatchel residence addition
Seattle, WA
1992 Upper floor addition
* Some projects listed above were completed while working at other architectural firms.