accessible walkway community kitchen remodeled corridor with fire sprinklers
renovated apartment mailboxes apartment deck rehab flashing
renovated apartment signage accessible apartment trash enclosure rehabbed apartment bathroom rehabbed apartment kitchen
apartment heat pump installation common porch addition apartment manager office

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Blue Brook Architecture, Inc. has extensive experience with multifamily rehabilitation projects. Our apartment rehab projects are aimed at updating older properties to be competitive with new buildings. The scope inclcudes energy efficiency improvements, common and leasing area modifications to meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility requirements, and updating mailboxes to include parcel boxes.

Our multifamily rehabilitation projects often include upgrading windows for improved energy efficiency, replacing electric baseboard heat with through-wall heat pumps using the existing electrical wiring, and giving the residents’ the benefit of cooling in warm weather, in addition to cheaper heat. We typically update interior lighting to LED fixtures and upgrade plumbing fixtures to water-saving fixtures. We add attic or roof and crawlspace insulation. When possible, we add fire sprinklers and earthquake resistance strengthening.

Green building principles include not replacing components prematurely. If the exterior cladding has many years of remaining useful life, we keep it. If it is approaching the end of its useful life, we typically change the siding to fiber cement siding and trim, which will provide a 15 year paint life and better durability than traditional wood siding.

In the early 1990’s, the Fair Housing Accessibility Guidelines were a well-kept secret. They were not reflected in the building code and many architects did not know about them. Even after they were incorporated into the building code, many architects did not do a good job following them. Because accessible design is difficult and it’s easy to miss problems, many local jurisdictions have decided to stop reviewing for accessibility. This results in buildings constructed even now that don’t meet accessibility standards. Blue Brook Architecture, Inc. has helped many apartment owners correct accessibility problems in their apartment remodel projects, usually without moving any walls.

We typically begin an apartment rehab project with recommendations to the owner on the most cost-effective changes they can make to update their property. We like to have a contractor involved in the early stages to help evaluate costs. We develop a narrative scope to guide the contractor’s initial pricing. After refining the scope to achieve as much as possible within the owner’s budget, we develop complete drawings and specifications. Complete documents help keep costs under control during the construction process.


Blue Brook Architecture, Inc.
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Multifamily Rehabilitation





Description of Work

Chancery Place Apartments
Seattle, WA
2022 85 unit apartment tower rehabilitation
Disciples Terrace
Tacoma, WA
2021 40 unit apartment rehabilitation
Emma McRedmond Manor
Redmond, WA
2021 32 unit apartment rehabilitation
Elbert House
Bellevue, WA
2021 50 unit apartment rehabilitation
Tahoma Vista Village
Tacoma, WA
2017 101 unit apartment rehabilitation
Seattle, WA
2017 10 unit apartment rehabilitation
Atherton Woods Apartments
Vancouver, WA
2013 102 unit apartment rehabilitation
Ashwood Downs Apartments
Olympia, WA
2013 96 unit apartment rehabilitation
Gohring Duplex
Duval, WA
2007 Duplex in high density neighborhood

Safeco Safe House addition
Seattle, WA

2006 4 bed group home addition

Hifumi En Renovations
Spokane, WA

2005 41 unit apartment renovation

Washington Shores Condominiums
Kirkland, WA

2004 20 unit condominium envelope renovation

Parkridge Apartments
Bellevue, WA

2000 220 unit apartment envelope renovation

* Some projects listed above were completed while working at other architectural firms.