About Blue Brook Architecture, Inc.

Blue Brook Architecture, Inc. is dedicated to efficient, affordable, sustainable design reflecting the unique characteristics of our client and their site. We enjoy designing buildings which have sustainable features without calling attention to themselves. We take our clients' budgets seriously and provide them with accurate cost information to allow them to make informed decisions early in the process, when it is possible to exercise the greatest control over cost. Our architecture firm is located in Lake Forest Park, near Seattle, Washington. Our clients range from individuals to large corporations.

The name Blue Brook comes from the family name of Blue Brook's president, Mark R. Blubaugh, translated into English. It also represents our emphasis in environmentally responsible ("Green") architecture. Mark's mother was an early adopter of such sustainable living practices as backyard composting and recycling in the early 1970's, when recycling meant storing large quantities of recyclables for periodic trips to the nearest recycling center half way across town. This background has influenced Mark's priorities in green building. Mark has been working on environmentally responsible architecture and sustainable design for over 25 years, including study under sustainable design pioneers Sim Van der Ryn and Peter Calthorpe at Berkeley in the early 1980's. Mark's graduate work at the University of Washington in the late 1980's included an emphasis on natural lighting and thermal analysis. In a design studio aimed at exploring possibilities for the future Lighting Design Lab, Mark was one of two students who developed their scheme for the potential East Pine Street at Bellevue Avenue site, instead of the favored First Avenue site, influencing the selection of what has proven to be a far superior location, helping the Lighting Design Lab to become a great success. Mark's Master of Architecture thesis was an arts magnet high school designed for natural lighting and solar heating, to be located on a re-claimed "brownfield" at the site of what is now the Olympic Sculpture Park. Mark has completed Passive House consultant's training, a rigorous nine day program on the most advanced energy efficient design techniques aimed at buildings which can achieve net zero energy use. Mark is used to adopting green building principles before they are widely accepted.

Sustainable design, including energy efficient construction, is very important to us. We use advanced virtual building technology to show our clients realistic images of their project before they have to commit hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars to see it. This allows us to provide a level of service normally associated only with multimillion dollar developments, on projects as small as a residence remodel. Our work includes commercial and residential architecture, consulting, building inspection, independent third party reviews, and cost estimating. The majority of our work is with multifamily housing and housing for the elderly. Most of our work is for repeat clients. See what our clients say about working with us. The company was separated from Studio Gong, Inc. in 2006. Mark was an owner of Studio Gong, Inc. from 2001 through 2006. Current staff includes two architects, an intern architect, and support staff as needed. We have active architect’s licenses in Washington, Oregon, and California. The active range of our non-architectural consulting work includes Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Alaska and Hawaii.