Small House Elevation
Small House Main Space
Small House Rear
Small House Plan
Small House Section
Small House Loft
Small House Section

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Ocean Shores, Washington
Mark R. Blubaugh, architect

The Holscher/Lord/Finley cabin is a real world construction of a classic architecture school design problem: a small house designed for two couples with independent quarters and sharing a kitchen and living room. The design provides these in 1,150 square feet. There are two lofts of 384 square feet accessible by ladder to provide additional sleeping spaces for grandchildren. The house opens up to take advantage of a view of the canal to the east.

Major Considerations: The budget was first and foremost. The design responds by using a basically rectangular geometry with a basic gable roof. A couple shed dormers provide articulation to the exterior, bring diffused natural light into the main space and provide usable headroom for the loft spaces. The exterior is low-maintenance fiber cement siding so the owners can spend their time enjoying the ocean, rather than maintaining the house