Seattle Residential Addition Front Door Skylight
Seattle Residential Second Floor Addition Front
Seattle Residential Addition Clerestory Windows
Spiral Stair
Seattle Residence Addition Soaking Tub
Seattle Residential Addition Master Bathroom Lavatory
Seattle Residential Addition Master Bedroom Vaulted Ceiling

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Seattle, Washington
Mark R. Blubaugh, design architect

Taking the existing Prairie House architectural theme as a starting point, this Seattle residential addition architectural design adds a new floor including master suite above the existing house while maintaining the horizontal theme. The upper level is set back from the existing walls of the main level on three sides while wrapping the addition with roof, to maintain the horizontal theme. On the rear, our architectural design includes a ribbon-window clerestory continues the prairie House theme, as does the jutting master bedroom and deck, with deep roof overhangs. Cable deck railing was used to provide a transparent deck railing, allowing an unobstructed view from within the master bedroom. Mark has been the architect of many floor additions, and become very skilled at this challenging project type.

Major Considerations: To take advantage of an approximately 270° view which a new floor would have. Minimizing apparent bulk was important on the relatively narrow site. Providing a bright interior for the owners, who recently moved from southern California, and making the addition blend with the existing portions of the house were also considerations. The structure of the gound floor was up-graded to give the house good resistance to earthquakes despite the weight of the added floor.