Hillyer Residence
Hillyer Residence Kitchen & Dining
Hillyer Residence Living Room
Hillyer Residence Entry

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Seattle, Washington
Mark R. Blubaugh, design architect

We are Seattle architects skilled at making efficient use of space and designing buildings economically. Constructed on one of the few remaining unbuilt lots in Seattle’s predominantly Victorian Queen Anne district, the Hillyer Residence fits into its context as if it has always been there. Making the most of a twenty-three and a half foot buildable lot width, the design is a simple rectangle with a notch cut out of its west side for the entry and a light-filled stair hall. The street facade is articulated with decks, diagonal bay windows and a square bay window to provide usable space extending to the limits of the zoning envelope. Decks on both levels provide practical living space and add further modulation to the street face.

Major Considerations: Intended for use as a rental, the client required that the project be economically designed, low maintenance, and easily convertible into a duplex. The design responds with a simple rectangular geometry, which provides 2,200 square feet of interior space and 1,000 square feet of garage and storage for $178,000. The upper floor contains three bedrooms and two bathrooms together with living, dining, and laundry. If converted into two separate apartments, the apartments would share only the stair hall and have separate one-car garages.